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We serve patients from all over the Midwest and nation who are seeking our unique approach to oral health and dental care.

We're a Whole-Health Focused Dental Practice Based in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Your visit at MiBoca Dentistry isn't your typical healthcare appointment. We'll take our time getting to know you and your unique health and dental needs. By utilizing both traditional and biological dentistry, we're the right fit for every patient who simply desires to become their healthiest self. 

We're elevating the experience of going to the dentist. 

that feeling when you've found a healthcare provider who puts you at ease?

That's miboca dentistry.

Nurturing you to be empowered to better care for your oral and overall health. Helping you uncover your highest level of wellness. Creating a comfortable, enjoyable experience for you and your entire family. 

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"Top notch service. I live in San Antonio, Texas and am willing to travel to Omaha just to see Dr. Trino. There's no one I trust more than him."

— david

I founded MiBöca Dentistry with the vision that I could help every patient become the CEO of their own health. I call Fremont, Nebraska my hometown and I'm proud to be one of the few natural-minded dentists to be serving the greater Midwest.

I place zirconia implants and all-ceramic restorations, educate on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and am certified through the IAOMT to safely remove mercury fillings to help patients like you achieve optimal health.

Trino Nuño, DDS

when I'm not practicing dentistry

You'll find me out in nature with my wife and four kids, reading the latest book on entrepreneurship, or starting a new business for fun. 

biological and implant

I've recently returned to my Nebraska roots after spending almost a decade doing restorative and cosmetic dentistry in the Chicago area. I practice dentistry from a whole-health perspective, keeping nutrition and lifestyle at the core of my patient education. I am a member of the IAOMT and am certified to safely removed mercury fillings. I am passionate about recognizing the early symptoms of Sleep Disordered Breathing, and I use appliance therapy to help your child breathe and sleep better for longevity and wellness.

Molly Hayes, DDS

when I'm not practicing dentistry

You'll find me exploring all that Omaha has to offer with my husband and four kids, trying to keep my garden alive, and sipping coffee between it all.

biological and airway

From the moment I got my braces off when I was 14 years old, I knew that a career in dentistry was the perfect choice for me. I remember how a beautiful smile made me feel and the confidence it brought. It is my goal to help all of my patients achieve that same confidence with a beautiful and healthy smile. I am passionate about early prevention and educating patients on the oral-systemic link and the impact oral health has on the entire body. I truly believe that a healthy smile is a healthy body. I pride myself on creating lasting, meaningful connections with each of my patients.

Tiffany Ortega, RDH

when i'm not practicing dental hygiene

I am a busy mom who enjoys time with my husband Oscar and two children, Leah and William. I love spending time outdoors - my family loves walks, bike rides, and being at the lake.

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(402) 331-0701

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