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Biological Dentistry

What Exactly is Biological Dentistry?

January 25, 2022

Biological dentistry (sometimes referred to as “holistic dentistry” or “functional dentistry”) is a set of unique practice philosophies that focuses on eliminating or minimizing unnecessary toxins from the practice of dentistry and treating the mouth as part of the whole-body system.

Biological dentistry is not far removed from how most dentists believe dentistry should be practiced- so what’s the difference? 

It’s the bold decision to challenge the status quo and transcend the idea that dentistry should be done a certain way. We don’t just admit that the mouth is a portal to the entire body- we think critically and align every decision we make with the belief that what we do in the mouth, we do to the rest of the body. 

On the surface, you might not be able to tell we’re any different from your last dentist. We still take digital x-rays in order to make comprehensive assessments of your mouth. We still fix cavities with tooth-colored fillings. We still really believe in the importance of brushing and flossing your teeth.

But look closer and you’ll see and — more importantly– feel the difference. The diligent care and tact we use in removal of toxic mercury fillings. The extra time we take to discuss your diet and additional nutrients you may need. The discussions we’re ready to have about the risks and benefits of the materials and procedures we’ve long accepted as the “gold standard” in dentistry. 

Drill-and-fill dentistry? We’ll pass. A whole-health approach to maintaining your teeth and airway? That’s a practice we can get behind. Will you join us on this health journey?


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