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Why Independent Dentists May Not Participate in Dental “Insurance” Networks

April 4, 2023

If you’re accustomed to having dental insurance, you may think that some dentists don’t accept it. It can be frustrating to learn that your premier dentist at MiBöca Dentistry is one of them. However, it’s important to understand why some independent dentists choose not to participate in dental insurance networks. It’s even more important to understand that MiBöca Dentistry DOES accept most dental insurance plans and will file the claims for you! As an alternative we also provide you with an amazing cost saving solution, so you can get the best care possible at an affordable price. Hopefully we can clarify and answer the question we hear so often, “Why does my dentist not participate in my dental insurance network?”

Independent dentists may choose not to participate in dental insurance networks for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Financial Considerations: Dental insurance networks often negotiate discounted fees with dentists. Dentists may find that the fees offered by these networks are too low to cover their costs, provide a reasonable profit margin, and maintain the highest quality of care.
  2. Administrative Burden: Participating in a dental insurance network can be time-consuming and require significant administrative resources. Dentists may have to fill out extensive paperwork, submit claims, and follow specific billing procedures. This administrative burden can be particularly challenging for small, independent practices with limited staff. These insurance companies will oftentimes delay payments for no legitimate reason.
  3. Loss of Autonomy: Participating in a dental insurance network may require dentists to follow specific treatment protocols or restrictions on the types of services they can offer. This can limit a dentist’s autonomy and ability to provide personalized care to their patients. This was and is still very evident in the medical industry especially during the pandemic. In dentistry, this means mercury filling instead of composites and definitely no ceramic implants or ozone therapy. Dental insurance also limits your hygienist too.
  4. Patient Relationship: Some independent dentists may prefer not to participate in insurance networks to maintain a direct relationship with their patients. By avoiding insurance networks, they can offer personalized care and flexible payment options that may not be available through insurance plans.
  5. Quality of Care: Independent dentists may feel that their ability to provide quality care is compromised by the restrictions and requirements of insurance networks. They may prefer to focus on providing high-quality, personalized care without the limitations imposed by insurance networks.

Here are some frequently asked questions and the answers:

  1. Can I still see an independent dentist if they don’t participate in my dental insurance network?

Yes, you can still see an independent dentist even if they do not participate in your dental insurance network. However, keep in mind you may have to pay for services at the time of service and get reimbursed directly by your insurance company. At MiBöca we file the claim for you, and you typically get your reimbursement check 2-3 weeks later.

2. Why do some dentists choose not to participate in dental insurance networks?

There are several reasons why dentists may choose not to participate in dental insurance networks, including financial considerations, administrative burden, loss of autonomy, patient relationships, and concerns about the quality of care.

3. Will I still be able to use my dental insurance if I see an independent dentist?

Yes, you can still use your dental insurance if you see an independent dentist. It’s important to check your plan before scheduling an appointment. If you call MiBöca we will gladly help you understand how this works.

4. How can I find an independent dentist who accepts my dental insurance?

MiBöca Dentistry is an independent provider and we accept most dental insurance. You may call one of our two convenient locations, and our patient care coordinators will help you set up your new patient experience.

5. Will I receive the same quality of care from an independent dentist who doesn’t participate in a dental insurance network?

Yes, you can still receive high-quality care from an independent dentist who doesn’t participate in a dental insurance network. In fact, some patients may prefer independent dentists because they can offer more personalized care and treatment options that may not be available through insurance plans.

At MiBöca Dentistry we do not utilize harmful mercury amalgams, and instead use biocompatible and biomimetic materials that include composites and ceramics. Unfortunately, your insurance company will not pay for these materials. The insurance company often will pay on the cheapest and likely most toxic, less esthetic materials.

Overall, the decision to participate in a dental insurance network is a complex one that requires careful consideration of the financial, administrative, and patient care implications. While some dentists may choose to participate in these networks, others may prefer to maintain their independence and focus on providing personalized care to their patients. Despite these challenges, many independent dentists still accept dental insurance. At MiBöca Dentistry we serve you by filing claims on your behalf and offering our platinum membership discount plan. This plan provides patients with discounted rates on procedures and treatments without compromising on your care.

Dr. Trino Nuño, DDS Owner & CEO, Functional Dentist

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