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Zirconia Dental Implants: A Safe and Effective Alternative to Traditional Titanium Implants

March 8, 2023

When you’re faced with the need for a replacement, it can be challenging to know which option to choose. Traditional titanium implants have been used for years with great success, but there is now a newer, equally effective alternative: zirconia dental implants. Not only do they offer a multitude of benefits, but scientific evidence shows that they are a safe and effective tooth replacement option.

First and foremost, zirconia implants are biocompatible, which means they don’t interact with the body’s tissues or cause allergic reactions. They are also nearly as strong as titanium, making them durable and long-lasting. But what sets zirconia implants apart from titanium is that they are white in color, allowing them to blend in with the surrounding teeth and gums seamlessly. This makes them an ideal choice for front teeth replacements and can help boost a patient’s confidence.

Another benefit of zirconia implants is that they have been shown to cause less inflammation around the implant site than titanium implants. A study published in the Journal of Prosthodontics found that zirconia implants caused less inflammation and bone loss compared to titanium implants (1). This is likely due to the fact that zirconia implants do not corrode like titanium implants do, which can lead to the release of metal ions into the body.

Zirconia implants have also been shown to be just as successful as titanium implants. A review published in the International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants analyzed multiple studies and found that zirconia implants had comparable survival rates to titanium implants, with success rates ranging from 95% to 100% (2). Additionally, a study published in the Journal of Oral Implantology found that both zirconia and titanium implants had similar rates of osteointegration, meaning they fused with the jawbone equally well (3).

In summary, zirconia dental implants offer many benefits over traditional titanium implants. They are biocompatible, strong, and esthetically pleasing. They also cause less inflammation and have been shown to have similar success rates as titanium implants. With scientific evidence to support their effectiveness, patients can feel confident in choosing zirconia implants as their tooth replacement option. Consult with MiBöca Dentistry to determine if zirconia dental implants are right for you.

Dr. Trino Nuño, DDS Owner & CEO, Functional Dentist


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